Space Systems Laboratory (SSL)

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Academic staff

Title Name Initials Tel Room Email (
Professor Michael Balikhin, Head of SSL MAB 25628 B25 m.balikhin
Dr Simon Pope SAP 25186 C7d s.pope
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Research associates

Title Name Initials Tel Room Email (
Dr Richard Boynton RB 25234 B22 r.boynton
Dr Simon Walker SW 25234 B22 simon.walker
Dr Keith Yearby KHY 25238 C14 k.h.yearby
Dr Gregory Bailey 25234 B22 g.bailey
Dr Alistair Williamson 25234 B22 a.williamson
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Current postgraduate students

Title Name Initials Tel Room Email (
Mr Stefanos Giagkiozis SG 25234 B22 s.giagkiozis
Mr Siung Ghai Chong SC 25234 B22 gschong1
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Former postgraduate students

Title Name Current address Email
Dr Homayon Aryan NASA GSFC, Gren Belt Maryland, USA
Dr Ivan Pakhotin University of Alberta, Canada
Dr Andrew Dimmock Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala, Sweden

Support staff

Title Name Initials Tel Room Email (
Mrs Carol Heathcote CMH 25235 HS 119 c.m.heathcote
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