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Balikhin, M. A., Y. Y. Shprits, S. N. Walker, L. Chen, N. Cornilleau-wehrlin, I. Dandouras, O. Santolik, C. e. Carr, K. H. Yearby, and B. Weiss
Observations of discrete harmonics emerging from equatorial noise
Nat. Comms. 6, 7703, 2015

Boynton, R. J., M. A. Balikhin, and S. A. Billings
Online narmax model for electron fluxes at geo
Ann. Geo. 33, 405-411, 2015

Gedalin, M., Y. Friedman, and M. Balikhin
Collisionless relaxation of downstream ion distributions in low-mach number shocks
Phys. Plas. 22, 072301, 2015

Gedalin, M., Y. Kushinsky, and M. Balikhin
Profile of a low-mach-number shock in two-fluid plasma theory
Ann. Geo. 33, 1011-1017, 2015

Giagkiozis, I., V. Fedun, R. Erdelyi, and G. Verth
Axisymmetric modes in magnetic flux tubes with internal and external magnetic twist
Astrophys. J. 810, 2015

Griffiths, M. K., V. Fedun, and R. Erdelyi
A fast mhd code for gravitationally stratified media using graphical processing units: smaug
J. Atmos. Solar-Terr. Phys.Astrophys. Ast. 36, 197-223, 2015

Kryshtal, A., V. Fedun, S. Gerasimenko, and A. Voitsekhovska
Oblique bernstein mode generation near the upper-hybrid frequency in solar pre-flare plasmas
Solar Phys. 290, 3331-3341, 2015

Macusova, E., O. Santolik, N. Cornilleau-wehrlin, and K. H. Yearby
Bandwidths and amplitudes of chorus-like banded emissions measured by the tc-1 double star spacecraft
J. Geophys. Res. (Space Physics) 120, 1057-1071, 2015

Mumford, S. J., V. Fedun, and R. Erdelyi
Generation of magnetohydrodynamic waves in low solar atmospheric flux tubes by photospheric motions
Astrophys. J. 799, 6, 2015

Onishchenko, O., O. Pokhotelov, W. Horton, and V. Fedun
Dust devil vortex generation from convective cells
Ann. Geo. 33, 1343-1347, 2015

Rozhnoi, A., M. Solovieva, M. Parrot, M. Hayakawa, P. F. Biagi, K. Schwingenschuh, and V. Fedun
Vlf/lf signal studies of the ionospheric response to strong seismic activity in the far eastern region combining the demeter and ground-based observations
Phys. Chem. Earth 85-86, 141-149, 2015

Solovieva, M., A. Rozhnoi, V. Fedun, K. Schwingenschuh, and M. Hayakawa
Ionospheric perturbations related to the earthquake in vrancea area on november 22, 2014, as detected by electromagnetic vlf/lf frequency signals
Annals of Geophysics 58, A0552, 2015

Tatsuta, K., Y. Hobara, S. Pal, and M. Balikhin
Sub-ionospheric vlf signal anomaly due to geomagnetic storms: a statistical study
Ann. Geo. 33, 1457-1467, 2015

Walker, S. N., M. A. Balikhin, D. R. Shklyar, K. H. Yearby, P. Canu, C. M. Carr, and I. Dandouras
Experimental determination of the dispersion relation of magnetosonic waves
J. Geophys. Res. (Space Physics) 120, 9632-9650, 2015

Walker, S. N., M. A. Balikhin, P. Canu, N. Cornilleau-wehrlin, and I. Moiseenko
Investigation of the chirikov resonance overlap criteria for equatorial magnetosonic waves
J. Geophys. Res. (Space Physics) 120, 8774-8781, 2015

Wei, H., M. A. Balikhin, and S. N. Walker
A new ridge basis function neural network for data-driven modeling and prediction
in 10th International Conference On Computer Science Education (iccse 2015), 125-130, 2015