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VERB Radiation Belt Nowcast and Forecast

VERB RB forecasts
Two-day radiation belt forecast of 1 MeV electrons using the data-assimilative VERB code, real-time Van Allen Probe, ACE, and GOES data. Kp index for the previous 7 days are obtained from GFZ recent and previous month nowcast. 3-day Kp forecast is obtained from the Space Weather Prediction Center. Forecasts are conducted automatically every hour at GFZ. Version 2.0 of the code computes the nowcast and forecast fluxes from reanalysis directly using the T89 magnetic field model.

VERB homepage.

Key model publications

  • Subbotin, D. A., and Y. Y. Shprits (2009), Three-dimensional modeling of the radiation belts using the versatile electron radiation belt (VERB) code, Space Weather, 7, S10001, doi:10.1029/2008SW000452.