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RWC-Sweden Kp Forecast

Kp Forecast

Key model publications

  • Fredrik Boberg, Peter Wintoft, and Henrik Lundstedt (2000), Real time Kp predictions from solar wind data using neural networks, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Part C: Solar, Terrestrial & Planetary Science 25(4), 275-280, doi:10.1016/S1464-1917(00)00016-7.
  • P. Wintoft, M. Wik, J. Matzka, and Y. Shprits (2017), Forecasting Kp from solar wind data: input parameter study using 3-hour averages and 3-hour range values, J. Space Weather and Space Climate 7, A29, doi:10.1051/swsc/2017027, 2017.