List of Meeting participants

 Name  Affiliation  Type  Title of the presentation
 S. Anantharaman  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Poster  Flute Modes in Twisted Flux Tubes with Uniform Flows
 V. Aparna  IUCAA  Poster  Multiwavelength Analysis of Sigmoid Structures
 I. Arregui  Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias  Talk  Bayesian Seismology
 A. Awasthi  Institute of Astronomy, University of Wroclaw    Multi-wavelength diagnostics and modelling of the chromospheric response during various phases of a B6.4 flare of august 20, 2005
 J. Ballester  Universitat Illes Balears  Talk  Prominence oscillations: Effect of a time-dependent background temperature
 D. Banerjee  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Talk  Slow waves in the open structures and their sources.
 L. Bellot Rubio  Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia-CSIC  Poster  Magnetic flux emergence in the quiet Sun: the pathway to the transition region
 R. Bhattacharyya  Physical Research Laboratory    A tale of two scales: the solar corona
 A. Cadavid  California State University Northridge  Talk  Multiscale Properties of the High-resolution Solar Chromosphere and Implications for Impulsive Heating
 P. Cally  Monash University  Talk  Wave Coupling across many Scale Heights in the Wounded Sun
 M. Carlsson  University of Oslo  Talk  Chromospheric heating
 R. Chandra  Kumaun university, Nainital  Talk  First Observational Evidence of Trapping of fast mode EUV Waves at Magnetic Separatrix
 S. Chatterje  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Poster  Scattering Study for Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope
 P. Chatterjee  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Talk  Modelling repeatedly flaring delta sunspots
 D. Choudhary  California State University Northridge  Talk  Properties of mass motions around sunspots
 P. Chowdhury  Kyung Hee University / Calcutta University  Poster  Multi-wavelength Analysis of Quasi-periodic Pulsations in X-rays during a Solar Flare
 N. Dadashi  University of Zanjan  Talk  Kink and Sausage oscillations of a QS mini loop
 Y. Deng  National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences  Talk  Chinese Giant Solar Telescope
 S. Dhara  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Poster  Two-phase filament eruption in association with flux cancellations and contraction of coronal loop dynamics as observed by AIA/SDO
 B. Dwivedi  IIT (BHU)  Talk  Solar Physics in India and at IIT (BHU) Varanasi
 E. Ebenezer Chellasamy  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Talk  Shock associated parameters of multiple Type II bursts from near sun to outer corona using EUV, Radio-band splitting, white light - LASCO-SOD observations
 R. Erdelyi  University of Sheffield  Talk  MHD waves in localised solar magnetic structures
 V. Fedun  The University of Sheffield  Talk  Identification of the Vortex Motion in the Solar Atmosphere
 V. Gangadharan  Kiepenheuer-Institut fuer Sonnenphysik  Talk  Internal gravity waves in magnetized solar atmosphere
 A. Ghosh  Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Ganeshkhind  Poster  The Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope onboard Aditya-L1
 A. Ghosh.  Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics  Poster  Fan Loops Observed by IRIS, EIS and AIA
 I. Giagkiozis  University of Sheffield  Poster  Dissipationless Damping of Compressive MHD Modes in Twisted Flux Tubes
 L. Gizon  Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research  Talk  Measurements of solar convective flows in the near-surface layers
 S. Goel  Physical Research Laboratory  Talk  Statistical properties of sunspots observed by SoHO/MDI
 M. Goossens  KU Leuven  Talk  Fast spatial damping by resonant absorption of counter-streaming waves in slow flows
 S. Grant  Queen's University Belfast  Talk  The Thermal Response of Sunspot Atmospheres to Umbral Flashes
 M. Griffiths  The University of Sheffield  Talk  Using Graphical Processing Units to Simulate the Dynamics Generated by Solar Global Oscillating Eigenmodes Generated in the Solar Atmosphere
 V. Gupta  Indian Institute of Technology (BHU)  Poster  Some study of Pulsars and their properties
 G. Gupta.  IUCAA  Talk  Spectroscopic evidence of damping of Alfven waves in the off-limb solar corona
 G. Gupta..  IUCAA  Poster  IRIS and SDO Observations of Small Scale Recurrent Explosive Events
 A. Gwal  Barkatullah University  Poster  Investigation of Solar cycle distribution of geomagnetic storms
 N. Gyenge  University of Sheffield  Talk  Statistical study of spatio-temporal distribution of solar flare and CME occurrences
 V. Hansteen  University of Oslo  Talk  Flux emergence, small flares, and the unresolved fine structure
 S. Hasan  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Talk  A New Window on the Sun: The Indian National Large Solar Telescope
 K. Ichimoto  Kyoto University  Talk  The Solar-C Mission: Current Status
 P. Jelinek  University of South Bohemia  Poster  Spectroscopic observations and modelling of impulsive Alfvén waves along a polar coronal jet
 D. Jess  Queen's University Belfast  Talk  MHD wave dynamics captured by ROSA at the Dunn Solar Telescope
 B. Joshi  Physical Research Laboratory  Talk  Confined flux rope eruption in active region NOAA 10646 and associated M6.2 flare
 C. Joshi.  JECRC University  Talk  Hinode SDO observations of Solar Chromospheric Dynamics
 R. Joshi..  DSB campus Kumaun univesrity, Nainital    
 C. Kalugodu  School of Space Science and Physics Shandong University at Weihai.  Talk  Dynamics of the quiet Sun bright point as seen by IRIS and SDO.
 R. Kariyappa  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Poster  EUV and UV Irradiance Variability and Spatially Resolved Images
 S. Kasde  BU Bhopal  Poster  Multifractal Analysis of Sunspot Number Time Series during the Various Solar Cycles
 S. Kaushik  GAPGC  Poster  An Investigation of Highly Geo-effective Solar Transients and Associated Geoeffectivness
 P. Kayshap  IUCAA  Talk  Multithermal Structure of Jet
 P. Keys  Queen's University Belfast, University of Sheffield  Talk  Observations of surface and body modes in pores
 E. Khomenko  Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias  Talk  MHD waves: Realistic modelling through various layers of the solar atmosphere
 T. Kiss  The University of Sheffield  Talk  New temporal property of chromospheric macrospicules
 M. Korsos  University of Sheffield  Talk  Novel method to study the triggers of energetic solar phenomena: From flares to CMEs
 S. Krishna Prasad  Queen's University Belfast  Talk  Suppression of oscillatory power in evolving magnetic field
 P. Kumar  Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI)  Talk  Reflecting MHD waves in coronal arcade loops
 S. Kumar.  Physical Research Laboratory  Talk  Repetitive magnetic reconnections and coronal dynamics
 A. Kumari  Indian Institute of Technology Delhi  Poster  Effect of Background Fluctuations on Kinetic Alfvén Wave Turbulence
 B. Li  Shandong University  Talk  Inferring flare loops parameters with sausage mode measurements
 P. Manasa  Indian Institute of Technology (BHU)    
 S. Mandal  Indian Institute Of Astrophysics  Poster  Dynamics of a giant spiral
 R. Mazumder  IISER Kolkata  Poster  Simultaneous longitudinal and transverse oscillation seen in a loop-like filament
 J. McLaughlin  Northumbria University  Talk  First Direct Measurements of Transverse Waves in Solar Polar Plumes Using SDO/AIA
 A. Mohan  Indian Institute of Technology (BHU)  Poster  Physics of the Suns Hot Atmosphere through Ionized Atoms
 K. Mooroogen  Northumbria University  Poster  Measuring Kink Waves in the Quiescent H-α Chromosphere to examine plasma properties using magneto-seismology
 R. Morton  Northumbria University  Talk  Investigating Alfvénic wave propagation in coronal open-field region
 S. Mulay  University of Cambridge  Poster  Multi-wavelength study of twenty jets emanating from the periphery of active regions
 J. Murthy  Indian Institute of Astrophysics    Development of astronomical instruments to use in near-space from small platforms
 S. Nair  JECRC University  Poster  Observations of the jets over Umbral Dot.
 G. Nampoothiri  Space Physics Laboratory, VSSC, ISRO  Poster  Study of radial distribution of the Electron Velocity Distribution Function from Sun to Earth
 D. Nandy  Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER)  Talk  Science with Aditya: Indias Solar Space Mission
 N. Narang  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Poster  Association of calcium network bright points with underneath photospheric magnetic patches
 A. Norton  Stanford University  Talk  p-Mode Absorption and MHD Wave Generation in Sunspots Using Helioseismology and Vector Polarimetry
 L. Ofman  Catholic University of America/NASA GSFC  Talk  MHD waves: Realistic modelling in active regions, coronal loops, and prominences
 J. Okamoto  Nagoya University  Talk  Resonant absorption in the solar atmosphere
 A. Ortiz Carbonell  Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia - CSIC    Emergence of granular-sized magnetic bubbles through the solar atmosphere. The path to the transition region.
 V. Pant  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Poster  Dynamics of active region moss
 J. Pipaliya  The University of Sheffield  Poster  Proxy parameter for the Mach number
 A. Prasad  Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore  Talk   Modelling of braided magnetic fields in the solar corona using analytic NLFFF solutions.
 R. Rai  Indian Institute of Technology  Poster  Nonlinear interaction of 3D kinetic Alfven wave and quasi-longitudinal whistler wave in magnetized plasma
 P. Rajaguru  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Talk  Effects of observation heights and atmospheric wave evolution in time-distance helioseismology of supergranular flows
 S. Rakesh  JECRC University  Poster  Evolution of magnetic reconnection with arcade formation during an M7.9 class flare
 S. Rani  DSB campus Nainital  Poster  Quiescent Filament eruption and Associated flare on 29 September 2013
 M. Rast  University of Colorado, Boulder  Talk  Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST): Capabilities and Critical Science Plan
 V. Rathore  Banaras Hindu University  Poster  Effect of Geomagnetic Storms on Ionosphere during 2012-14
 T. Samanta  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Talk  Quasi-periodic brightenings of solar coronal bright points: waves or repeated reconnections?
 C. Sangeetha  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Talk  Relationships between fluid vorticity, kinetic helicity and magnetic field at the small-scale (quiet-network) on the Sun
 A. Sarkar  Physical Research Laboratory  Talk  Simulation of Coronal Bright point osccilations using nanoflare heated loop model
 E. Scullion  Northumbria University    Searching for the origins of coronal heating in the chromosphere
 P. Seema  Kumaun University Nainital  Poster  Statistical Study of different parameters responsible for the geoeffectiveness of solar eruptions during the rising phase of solar cycle 24
 S. Sen  Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore  Poster  Model of a flux tube with twisted magnetic fields
 A. Sharma  Tezpur University  Poster  Direct Observational Evidence of Different Sunspot Waves and Oscillations Driven by a Common Source
 R. Sharma,  National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, TIFR, Pune  Talk  Energisation of particles by magnetic reconnection.
 R. Sharma,,  National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, TIFR  Poster  On the bright Loop Top Emission in Post Flare Loops
 S. Sharma.  Indian Institute of Technology Delhi  Poster  Nonlinear effects associated with Circularly Polarized Dispersive Alfvén Wave in Solar wind plasmas
 R. Sharma..  University of Sheffield  Talk  Dynamical evolution of solar spicules
 A. Shukhobodskiy  The University of Sheffield  Poster  Kink oscillations of expanding flux tube in a presence of background flow
 T. Singh  IIT(BHU), Varanasi  Poster  On Estimating the Radial Profile of Magnetic Field in Coronal Streamers
 A. Singh.  Amity University  Poster  Chromospheric Anemone Jets as Evidence of Small-scale, Intermittent Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Chromosphere
 S. Solanki  Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research  Talk  Dynamics of the magnetic field in the solar photosphere
 R. Solanki.  Indian Institute of Technology (BHU)    
 P. Song  Univ Massachusetts Lowell  Talk  A Model of the Chromosphere: Heating, Structures, and Circulation
 A. Srivastava  Indian Institute of Technology (BHU)  Poster  Research Highlights of Solar and Space Plasma Physics Research Group at IIT (BHU)
 N. Srivastava.  Udaipur Solar Observatory  Talk  Structure and evolution of solar filaments as observed by MAST telescope
 O. Steiner  Kiepenheuer-Institut fuer Sonnenphysik    Convective drivers of MHD waves in the outer atmosphere of the Sun.
 A. Sterling  NASA/MSFC  Talk  Revised View of Solar Polar Coronal Hole X-Ray Jets
 G. Suryanarayana  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Poster  Density Invariance of Coronal Mass Ejections
 R. Sych  Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS    Sunspot waves and flare energy release
 R. Thampi  Space Physics Laboratory, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre  Talk  Plasma Analyser Package for Aditya (PAPA) payload onboard Aditya-L1 Mission
 H. Tian  Peking University    Global oscillations of flare loops observed with IRIS
 S. Tiwari  NASA's MSFC  Talk  Magnetic Setting and Transition-Region/Coronal Signatures of Sunspot Penumbral Jets
 A. Tiwary  Udaipur Solar Observatory  Poster  Imaging Spectro-polarimeter for Multi Application Solar Telescope (MAST): Preliminary results obtained in the photospheric line Fe I 617.3 nm
 G. Tomar  Indian Institute of Technology (BHU)    
 D. Tripathi  IUCAA  Talk  Heating and Dynamics of Active Region Loops
 S. Tripathy  National Solar Observatory  Talk  Magnetoseismic Study of Active Regions using Multi-Height SDO Observations
 P. Venkatakrishnan  Udaipur Solar Observatory  Talk  The Multi Application Solar Telescope (MAST)
 K. Wilhelm  Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research  Talk  Quantitative Spectroscopy of the Solar Atmosphere
 R. Wilhelm.      
 T. Williams  Aberystwyth University    The Interaction Between a Magnetic Shocktube and an Alfvenic Twist
 V. Yadav  Space Physics Laboratory, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre  Talk  Science objectives of the Magnetic Field Experiment onboard Aditya-L1 Spacecraft
 T. Yokoyama  The University of Tokyo  Talk  Radiative magnetohydrodynamic simulations of chromospheric spicules
 D. Yuan  University of Central Lancashire    Stochastic transients as a source of quasi-periodic process in solar and stellar atmosphere
 T. Zaqarashvili  University of Graz  Talk  Instability of magnetised jets in the solar atmosphere
 Q. Zhang  Purple Mountain Observatory    Prominence longitudinal oscillations and partial filament eruption
 S. Zharkov  University of Hull  Talk  What is a sun-quake?
 Y. Zhou  Nanjing University  Talk  Corona cavity found in pseudo 3D simulations of normal polarity prominence held by sheared magnetic arcade