K. Ichimoto, Kyoto University, ichimoto@kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp
  K. Ichimoto, Kyoto Univ., ichimoto@kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Solar-C is an international mission aiming to uncover the nature and origin of sunís dynamic atmosphere. The main scientific objectives of the mission are to understand the plasma dynamics as a system that connects the solar surface to the solar corona and interplanetary space, and to investigate the elementary processes that take place universally in cosmic plasma. Unique approaches of Solar-C are to 1) spatially and temporally resolve fundamental ingredients of the solar atmosphere through the photosphere to the corona, 2) determine the evolution of the three dimensional magnetic field, espe¨cially in the crucial low beta plasma region, 3) observe all the temperature regimes seamlessly, 4) determine physical quantities of plasma from spectroscopic measurements. To achieve the mission objectives, Solar-C will deploy a coordinated suite of three complementary instruments: the Solar Ultra-violet Visible and IR Telescope (SUVIT), the high-throughput EUV Spectroscopic Tele¨scope (EUVST), and an X- ray Imaging Tele¨scope (XIT). Each of which will provides the observing performance (spatial, temporal resolution, spectroscopic accuracy) by an order of magnitude higher than the former mission, Hinode. We will present the current status of the project.