A. Srivastava, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), asrivastava.app@iitbhu.ac.in

The Solar and Space Plasma Physics Research Group (SP2RG) at the Department of Physics, IIT (BHU) is involved in front-line research works on MHD waves and seismology, transients & jets, and plasma diagnostics of the solar atmosphere. Few glimpses of some recent findings in solar physics are (i) the stringent model of thermal pulse driven plasma outflows in the coronal loops; (ii) new model of multi-shell plasma swirls in the solar atmosphere; (iii) MHD seismology of coronal loops with first two harmonics of kink waves; (iv) Multiple harmonics of MHD oscillations in XBPs and related seismology; (v) Diagnostics of a coronal hole and the adjacent quiet Sun by Hinode/EIS, etc. The group has recently started VLF observations under an international network to study the space weather etc, and IIT (BHU) Varanasi is one of the stations in this network. SP2RG has involved in various national projects, e.g., Aditya/SUIT, Space Coronagraph in their science teams/working groups; ISRO/RESPOND; as well as executing joint research in various international projects, e.g., Royal Society International Exchange Scheme; Polish Science Foundation; Indo-Bulgarian etc. It is also equipped with "Advanced Solar Computation and Analyses Laboratory (ASCAL)" facilitating the large-scale solar data analyses and modeling. The group has significant track record of cutting edge scientific works in the field of solar physics, and it contributes in the the national and international solar physics community. The newly joined students get training of solar science in SP2RG, and could be developed as a skilled manpower for various upcoming national and international solar observing missions and related science. In this poster, we will highlight recent five years (2011-2015) research and developmental activities of the group and its future vision.