S. Kumar., Physical Research Laboratory, sanjayk@prl.res.in
  R. Bhattacharyya, Physical Research Laboratory , ramit@prl.res.in
  B. Joshi, Physical Research Laboratory , bhuwan@prl.res.in

In solar corona, the magnetic Reynolds number (RM) is very high because of the involvement of large length scales. In such a magnetofluid, once the current sheets develop, the magnetofluid becomes locally diffusive at the sites of current sheets due to the sufficient reduction of RM. The subsequent magnetic reconnections lead to the generation of heat and mass outflow. It is generally expected that these reconnection events are ubiquitous and hence can shape-up the dynamics of coronal magnetofluid.

The magnetohydrodynamic simulations presented aim to explore the underlying physics of development of flux rope. The relevant initial fields are morphologically identical to two dimensional sheared force free fields which are extensively used to model coronal loops. To onset reconnections, computations are performed in the spirit of implicit large eddy simulations. The novelty of this work is in its demonstration of flux rope formation and ascends of the flux rope through the common process of repetitive magnetic reconnections. Moreover, the vertical rise of flux rope in upward direction leads to the development of an extended current sheet below the rope which generally agrees with standard flare model.