T. Kiss, The University of Sheffield, kitsaat@caesar.elte.hu
  N. Gyenge, Debrecen Heliographic Observatory,
  R. Erdélyi, University of Sheffield,

Macrospicules (MSs) are small scale jet-like phenomena in the chromosphere, which have a potential to transport energy from the lower solar atmospheric regions to the Transition Region and the Corona. A
detailed statistical analysis is investigated about their temporal and spatial behaviour for better understaning of their physical properties. Based on the unique spatial and temporal resolution observations are provided by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) of Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), we created a 4.5 years long dataset, contains 258 macrospicules between June 2010 and December 2014 detected at 30.4 nm wavelength. The new dataset demonstrates many new attributes of MSs: two-year-long oscillation in the maximum length with possible connection to the F10.7cm radioflux, asymmetry between the hemispheres in spatial distribution or their trajectories.