S. Mandal, Indian Institute Of Astrophysics, sudip@iiap.res.in
  D. Banerjee, Indian Institute Of Astrphysics,
  E. Scullion, Northumbria University,
  V. Fedun, University of Sheffield,
  S. Regnier, Northumbria University,

Study of magnetic field configuration and its evolution, is an important aspect toward understanding the various solar activities happening in the solar atmosphere. In this context, we study a spiral like magnetic structure, observed with co-ordinated SST, IRIS and AIA observation, shows counter streaming flows on different 'spines'. Also, a classical 'X' like null point is present at the heart of this structure which beautifully manifests the complexity of this configuration . We analyse imaging data as well as the spectroscopic data to better understand and model such magnetic configuration and their evolution over time.