Y. Deng, National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, dyy@nao.cas.cn
  Z. Liu, Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, lz@ynao.ac.cn
  Z. Qu, Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, zqqu@ynao.ac.cn
  H. Ji, Purple Mountain Observatory, hs@mail.pmo.ac.cn

The Chinese Giant Solar Telescope, CGST, is a candidate of the Chinese major scientific projects for the 2016-2030 roadmap. CGST will be an Infrared and Optical telescope, with spatial resolution equivalent to 8m and light-gathering power equivalent to 5m. The optical design of ring solar telescope enables CGST to get a good balance between the control of thermal effect and instrumental polarization. The preliminary designs and progress of key technologies will be presented in our talk.