V. Pant, Indian Institute Of Astrophysics, vaibhav@iiap.res.in
  A. Srivastav, Indian Institute of Technology, BHU, aks.astro.itbhu@gmail.com
  D. Banerjee, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, dipu@iiap.res.in
  M. Goossens, Centre of Plasma Astrophysics, KU, Leuven, marcel.goossens@wis.kuleuven.be
  P. Chen, School of Astronomy and Space Science,Nanjing University, Nanjing, China, chenpf@nju.edu.cn

N.C Joshi, ARIES, Nainital

Solar prominences subject to various kind of oscillatory motions. So far vertical kink oscillations are observed for only few cases in coronal magnetic flux-tubes. We report the first observational evidence of vertical kink oscillations in the solar filament as observed in H-alpha by National Solar Observatory (NSO)/Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG). Four transversal cycles of the vertical oscillations are observed with their significant damping. We find periods of about 61 - 67 minutes and damping times of 92 to 117 minutes close to the filament apex. This damping can be due to resonant absorption because the filament is inhomogeneous. Using consistent seismology and theory of resonant absorption we estimate the magnetic field strength and inhomogeneity length scale of the filament.